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Capa do Debut Album - Primeiro Album da banda Os Gringos

Using our creativity to render the live show experience a unique, unifying, celebration of all things good, human, and divine is one of the greatest pleasures of performing live. We need the release. We know everyone needs a release.

All that good stuff we have to sacrifice to live normal lives and operate in society shall be stirred, effervesced in the cosmos of each human vessel. This cocktail, this inebriating spirit, we imbibe through waves of strings and guiding rhythms and lyrics that lullaby your worries, your rules, your stress, to the rubble of another life. The moment of music is what commands: harmony, emotion, celebration, dance. The human being is not in command here; he or she is the participant. Nature has slipped out of her cage to orchestrate the scene. Thus that feeling of profound and incomprehensible unity and vastness … without drugs: the music and the show, unto themselves, should be more than enough.

At least, that is our goal.

This is part of the art of performing … tickling Liberty to lip-biting kicks, swinging hips and screaming on the dance floor; tearing down the walls of inhibition, disrobing the day-time You: paupers, ministers, professionals, hustling survivors and so forth — from fabric to flesh so that just one glorious and dancing soul is. All that we have forgotten, ignored, denied, to build this one certain variety of the truth in which we live, should be teased out like the kundalini sleeping serpent, just long enough so we know it is still there, alive and well, and we can all feel complete — beyond articulation, beyond empiricism – in that way that normal life rarely proffers.