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About Us

Blues Rock from the Americas: Four ex-pat Americans and one Brazilian cross paths in Southern Minas Gerais, Brazil and embark on a real rock n roll journey

Psychedelic Blues Rock from the Americas

Four ex-pat Americans and one Brazilian whose paths crossed by destiny in Brazil in 2014 form the band Os Gringos, one of the greatest surprises on the Brazilian and international blues-rock scene. After extensive touring in Brazil, with two albums under our belt and our first international tour completed in 2018, we now move on to the production of our third album: Only The Hungry.

Os Gringos brings its own unique story to the stage, entwining high quality sound and performances rooted in the classic rock pantheon of blues and psychedelic culture.

Band Members

Find out a little bit more about who we Gringos are and where we come from.
The rest of the story we’ll write from here on.

João Castilhos - Vocals

36, born in Connecticut and now a dual-citizen. Studied Philosophy and creative writing at Cornell University and completed his Master’s of Arts in Education at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Moved to Brazil to finish his master’s research in May of 2012, working as an English teacher and teaching coordinator at the language school Speaking Idiomas. Always loved to write and improvise lyrics when his friends were playing guitar.

Daniel Friend - guitarist

33, born in Indiana and a permanent Brazilian resident. Studied Communication and Journalism at the University of Indianapolis and spent the end of 2008 in Santiago, Chile studying Spanish and writing for a student newspaper before moving to Brazil in 2009, where he met his wife, Debora. Finished his Master’s in Industrial Engineering at the Itajubá federal university in 2012 and started studying guitar with Jimmy at the same time.

Justin Hansen - bassist

26, born in the state of Oregon. Spent two years in Indonesia as an English teacher for the Peace Corps. Also lived in Chile and Guatemala. Studied Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Oregon. Started playing bass to join his first band when he was in high school. Moved to Brazil in August, 2014 to teach English at the same school, where he met the rest of the band.

Jimmy Huntington - guitarist

29, born in Ohio and also a dual citizen. Studied music at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachussets. Also lived in Los Angeles, California, where he met João in 2008, and participated in previous bands and several music projects before helping guide and form Os Gringos. Moved to Itajubá to teach English at the same school in June, 2012.

Guilherme Paiva - drummer

32, born in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The only “pure” Brazilian in the band, Guilherme “Bill” Paiva has played drums and percussion since his childhood and has always loved classic rock. Currently works for the city hall in disease control and studies history. First met Daniel back in 2009, but came in contact with the band when the two crossed paths again in 2013. Coincidentally, Guilherme, Jimmy, João and Justin all live on the same street.

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Itajubá, MG, Brazil 37500-034


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