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The fifth edition of personalized posts and videos about the recording of our third album, Only The Hungry.

v. 01 ed. 05 – January, 2020

written by: Daniel Friend

Back in Business in 2020

After our first ever hiatus, we are back to work! As you all know, for the first time in five years of the band, we took off most of the second half of 2019. Reorganizing, restructuring, resting and recovering were all in order for all of us. It is also with sincere relief that we welcome João and his singing voice back, after undergoing surgery on his vocal chords due to a small polyp. With some continued preparation and training, he’ll be back and belting it out in no time.

In the meantime, we’re back in the studio, preparing for the release of our third album, Only The Hungry

Jimmy-Rigging: Preparing for recording on a Baby Grand Piano 

We’re scheduled to record some piano lines on a baby grand piano on this Friday, January 24th. It’s located at the historical center of the local university (UNIFEI) at their downtown campus. It’s a really nice Yamaha baby grand, and it is paramount that no damage be done while recording. And no… we don’t Justin is going to tear up the ivories; we’re worried about placing microphones, hanging them over the polished wood and strings and insides of the piano.

However, the angles and dimensions of the baby grand piano are deep and long and quite a challenge, so Jimmy (in normal MacGyver style) set out to set up some homegrown mic stands. First, Gui, Jimmy and I had an afternoon running around town to buy parts based on a mental image of what the project would look like… and then talk to a type of modern-day blacksmith/welder about the project. Twenty-four hours later, and under Jimmy’s guidance, we have two new mic stands. You can check out the adventures here.

Patreon project still on the roll!

We released our Patreon campaign in 2019, but had to put it on hold, as I mentioned earlier. We apologize sincerely about that and will make it up to our faithful Patreons very soon. As we get our motor going again, you’ll be seeing more on Patreon as well.

With that being said… since you’ve come this far, I’d like to ask for you to take a look at our campaign on Patreon and sign up for our newsletter so that we can continue growing our project. We are 100% invested in the new direction of the band and we want to show you all the good work that we’re doing. Links below.

Os Gringos: Patreon page – we are releasing a new campaign to help support our endeavors while bringing you closer to the project with your help.

Os Gringos: Youtube channel! All of our updates come out through there, too!

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Thanks for reading!
Daniel Friend @ Little Big America Studios
Itajubá, MG
January 21, 2020