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An update on progress on the third album. We have a special video for you that chronicles the experience for you to watch!

Here we go…

So far, Jimmy has been really on top of things with the recording. He has been able to maximize the time at the studio (we rehearse and record on Friday nights, usually) by coming prepared with an action plan. He has also gone so far as to create a “Guidebook” with work instructions for mic’ing drums.

The first song we have decided to work on is “Revenge”, a song about…you guessed it: a guy who is gonna get his revenge! It’s a rockin’ tune which we plan to release third as a single… This third album is going to have a series of single releases, rather than dumping the whole album at one time. Market tendencies are forcing us to adapt!

So… The first step in the recording process was to record Guilherme, our drummer.

But, wait…no, that’s not correct. The first step was actually preparing the studio to have the best sound possible. Again, Jimmy was totally on it! He did research into sound engineering and electrical engineering to realize that we did not have “pure silence” in our sound; there was a buzzing caused by the wiring in the house (most houses in Brazil do not have a ‘ground’). So he called a few electrical engineers from the Engineering university in town – UNIFEI – (one of the best in Brazil) who helped us answer and ultimately solve the question of “no pure noise” by changing up the power source from AC to DC current. After that was accomplished, Jimmy totally fixed up the studio by creating a “snake” or “medusa” (an eight-headed XLR cable) and establishing all the presets on our equipment. All this in addition to studying the best way to record the drums, microphone angles, number of microphones, etc.

Check out this video below and take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube Channel while you’re there!

There is a lot more to say about Jimmy’s preparations for recording and, in more general terms, for defining the sound of the final result (determining which instruments to use, which effects, and so on…it was quite a bit of research he did, along with Justin, which also produced a 10-page report). Anyway. that is enough for now, right?!

So check out the video we’ve loaded, where Daniel and Jimmy document the “buzz” fix at the studio. This was really the threshold moment for us to decide we were ready to go for recording.

And just to finalize here, the drum recording was completed on April 5th and Justin started recording on the next day, here at the studio. Justin will record again this Friday and maybe Saturday as well, along with our ‘sixth man’ on the synthesizer, Marco Fishwick, an England-born half Brazilian who fits into the band just swell as a ‘Gringo’.

We’ve got material stock piled so be on the lookout for new newsletters in the coming weeks!

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