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Hey guys!

The third edition of personalized posts from our vocalist, João Castilhos.

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Continual progress here at the studio. Our first single, “Revenge” has been wrapped up in terms of recording. On to mixing… In the meanwhile, the studio work doesn’t stop. We recorded the scratch track from “It Just Might Be True” on May 10th, and a week later (17th) we recorded Guilherme on the drums for the same song.

‘But what is a scratch track?’ you ask.

A scratch track is, let’s say, an informal recording, the purpose of which is simple: to play/sing the song along with a metronome. We study to determine the best beats per minute (BPM) based on the tempo of the song as it was originally written, combined with information about what is the “popular” tempo for songs of this type.  In the scratch track, the metronome is set and each musician plays his instrument along with the metronome. Everyone except Guilherme participated because the purpose is to have a recording that Guilherme could listen to as he plays and records the first real audio track of the song. This way he would not record “blind”, as well as having the feeling of the song, when to play harder, when to play softer, etc.

Check out the drum recording process in this video here!


As always, the boys came over the studio, this time in light jackets and sweaters because the winter is coming and its cool is already upon us.  Jimmy came at 7PM to prepare the drums, which includes tuning the drum skins. I was still in class teaching. The rest of the guys came at 8PM and then we all got to work.  Jimmy and Justin were controlling the recording equipment; Guilherme was in the rehearsal room where his drums were all set up with microphones, set according to Jimmy’s studied recording approach. This has certainly proven to produce a higher quality sound.  Daniel was running instagram lives and facebook and all that social media stuff so that fans could be a part of the experience as well.

As for me, I wasn’t doing much.  Sometimes I man the social media stuff, but on this occasion I was just chilling, getting water for people, cleaning up after folks, etc.  I am the last to record. So, if we do one musician per weekend, I won’t record for another 4 weeks! That gives me time to prepare for my “big day”.

Please stay tuned for more! We are just starting to heat up!

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Thanks for reading.

João @ The Little Big America Studio of Os Gringos

Itajubá, Minas Gerais