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Os Gringos Team: Svein Wisnæs

Our ex-pat Norwegian Digital Guru

The first in a series about special members of Os Gringos’ team.

Written by: João Castilhos, vocalist

Meet Svein…

Svein Weisnas is a key player on our team.  He is a Norwegian who has been living in Brazil for about 10 years or so.  He comes from the world of film and television where he was an expert in the video editing software that is used, Avid.  He is also an excellent photographer and some of our best images have come from his eye and camera.

In addition to these skills and talents, Svein is also very knowledgable regarding technology, in general.  So things ranging from internet connections, website development, and marketing and sales online are also specialities of his.

He has been mentoring Daniel in some of these areas and Daniel has been applying himself quite a bit and, according to Svein, learning extraordinarily quickly.  Svein’s know-how and Daniel’s go-get-it attitude make for a killer combination.

All of this that you are reading now and the structure that we have created to get emails, send information and create our patreon system is thanks to these two guys and their complementary skill sets.

As I mentioned in previous newsletter, Os Gringos is not just five guys who play music, but a team of people with a variety of skill sets, all of which are applied to help make our band, which is not just a band but a company, work well and efficiently and ulitmately,”se Deus quiser” as the say here in Brazil, ever more profitable and successful.

This Newsleter is dedicate to Svein and his gracious, generous assistance with our task and his belief in our band, as both a group of musicians and as a group of entrepreneurs seeking to share what we believe to be of value: the experience of orginal music with a message and with meaning that makes people feel something that they will carry with them for days, weeks, months, years or, in some cases, a lifetime.

Thanks Svein for all of your help.  We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!

Please follow Svein on his social media endeavors.

Check out his website.