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Os Gringos Newsletter

v. 01 ed. 07 – 10 de março

by: João Castilhos, vocalist

Sometime around late June or July of 2019, my voice started to change.  I was more, “rocco” as the Brazilians would put it.  More hoarse.  It got to the point that I had to look into it. So I went to the ortorrinolarigologista (otolaryngologist or something like that), the craziest word in any language, just a snazzy way of saying Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.  They put a camera down into my throat, and on the screen next me was the inside of my throat, and my vocal chords vibrating each time I had to say “eeeee” (or “iiiiii” in Portuguese).

There was a ball looking thing on the right vocal chord and that, he said, was a polyp or a cyst, but probably a polyp.  He said it was possible to get rid of it with the help of an audiofonólogo.  I’m not even sure if audiophonologist exists in English, but I think this falls into the roll of a speech therapist.

So I tried one fonólogo (they are also called that) in Pouso Alegre, about 40 miles from here.

Then I saw another a little closer, in Santa Rita.

Then, afer months of this therapy with the best in the region the size of the little ball had not diminished, I decided to get the surgery.

The surgery was done by my ear nose and throat doctor, who is a respected surgeon in the region.  I’m happy he was the guy who did it, because I’ve seen my vocal chords post-surgery, twice, and they look brand new.

Our come back will have to be slow, but we hope that we can squeeze some sweet lemonade from all this, and drink them after the show with you in the form of a caipirinha.  Speaking of which, if you haven’t ever been here you should definitely check it out.  Beautiful place.

We’ve all kind of matured in our own way, we’ve been writing new music, learning new instruments.  Music is still fun as hell to make and work on…

And speaking of all the fun of making and working on music, please make sure to help us with our most recent release campaign by doing that pre-save at the link here!


Patreon Project Still On a Roll!

We released our Patreon campaign in 2019, but had to put it on hold, as I mentioned earlier. We apologize sincerely about that and will make it up to our faithful Patreons very soon. As we get our motor going again, you’ll be seeing more on Patreon as well.

With that being said… since you’ve come this far, I’d like to ask for you to take a look at our campaign on Patreon and sign up for our newsletter so that we can continue growing our project. We are 100% invested in the new direction of the band and we want to show you all the good work that we’re doing. Links below.

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