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The sixth edition of personalized blogs/vlogs about the recording of our third album, Only The Hungry, and the day-to-day hustle of an original rock band in southern Minas Gerais, Brazil.

v. 01 ed. 06 – February 6th, 2020

written by: Daniel Friend

Recording Piano in High Style

The recording for our third album took a new turn at the end of January, when we recorded in high style on a baby grand piano. The local university, UNIFEI, has a historic downtown campus dedicated to the founder, Theodomiro Santiago, and they have a nice ballroom with a beautiful Yamaha 1977 baby grand. Aside from playing in this beautiful space, with a towering painting of Theodomiro on the wall, the acoustics and sound of this piano are superior to the digital options on the keyboard.

Justin, our bassist, has dedicated himself tirelessly to musical studies, and his abilities on the piano have evolved immensely. One of the fruits is composition: the melodies composed by Justin have turned into songs on our third album, namely Blinded By Your LightJust Might Be True and About to Break.

For those of you who watched / read the last edition of our newsletter, we built our own micstands to carry out the recording in a safe and economic manner. They performed flawlessly on their pilot run during this recording session. To catch up on what happened in the last episode, check the link here.

Another “Jimmy-Rigging” session: The Mobile Studio

For us to be able to record at UNIFEI, we needed a mobile studio. Well, Jimmy had already thought about that. In order for him to carry out mixing at his house, he built a mobile studio with interfaces, preamps and speakers to hear all the nuances in the music: lows, mids, highs. Put together on a small table with wheels, the mobile studio worked perfectly. We loaded it in my car (it fits into a 2003 Fiat Uno), plugged it in, and it was basically recording time. (See picture below).

O Jimmy continua inovando, e desta vez já estava com a solução pronta. Para realizar mixagens em casa, ele montou um estúdio móvel, com interfaces e alto-falantes para poder escutar todas as sutilezas da música: os graves, os agudos, os médios. Completo com mesinha e rodinhas, o estúdio funcionou perfeitamente. Carregamos no meu carro, levamos até o campus, ligamos e pronto. (Veja a foto abaixo)

Back on the Road and on Stage?

We are analyzing when we will get back to playing live. João was released by his doctor to start singing again, and he wrote a text about his recovery process that will be in our next newsletter.

Patreon Project Still On a Roll!

We released our Patreon campaign in 2019, but had to put it on hold, as I mentioned earlier. We apologize sincerely about that and will make it up to our faithful Patreons very soon. As we get our motor going again, you’ll be seeing more on Patreon as well.

With that being said… since you’ve come this far, I’d like to ask for you to take a look at our campaign on Patreon and sign up for our newsletter so that we can continue growing our project. We are 100% invested in the new direction of the band and we want to show you all the good work that we’re doing. Links below.

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Thanks for reading!
Daniel Friend @ Little Big America Studios
Itajubá, MG
January 21, 2020