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May 15, 2019

Another installment with João Castilhos, lead singer for Os Gringos


Yet another productive weekend of recording (April 26th), despite a hiccup in the process on Friday night when we realized there was a problem with some of the recording equipment.  And once again Jimmy was able to solve the electrical problem…it remains a mystery to everyone how Jimmy knows how to do this stuff! He’s like MacGyver! Basically, our interface was receiving electrical “arc’ing” or current leakage, which ended up toasting the connector which goes from the On-Off switch to the motherboard.


Check out this exclusive video below on the fix process. It might not sound that cool, but it actually was pretty fun (to have it fixed… the in-between was stressful)!!


As you can see, it did take all night to figure out, so Friday we did not record.  Some of Jimmy’s family was in town, and they came by along with Jimmy’s daughter, Sofia (Sofia has been frequenting the studio, watching the process and playing some instruments during the breaks!).


Saturday afternoon, around 3PM the band and Svein came by the studio to record our introductory video for Patreon, which you all will see and perhaps have already seen.  That was a small success as we were all pleased with how it came out.  After that, Jimmy and Justin got to recording Jimmy’s guitar part for the song “Revenge” which is near completion, and soon after Daniel recorded. All that’s left now is João’s vocals.  And, of course, after that begins a whole other process of mixing and, finally, mastering (both of which can take A LOT of time).


I’ve mentioned it already, but it is an important detail to this iteration of our project:  we have studied the market as it is today in terms of recording processes, instruments and effects most commonly used, as well as how to advertise organically on social media and music platforms.  We are simply putting more attention into each step of the process with the purpose of ultimately being able to insert ourselves into the current market in a way that will preserve the originality of our music while also meeting the unspoken “criteria” for a song to survive in the competitive market that is the music industry today.


Talking about the project… 

I will write about Daniel and his study of the marketing and sales aspects of the business in an upcoming post.  There, you’ll have a look into the insights he has arrived at after months of studying and consulting professionals in the field of online sales and marketing.


I’d also like to tell you about the auxiliary members of the company (they are not musicians in the band but people who assist with other commercial aspects of our operations), what they do, and how tremendous is the difference that they make!


Also, it should be noted that they participate in our project because the believe in it, and this in and of itself is encouraging for us. This all brings me to my next point…


Patreon Pitch: help us grow to our goals!

That other professionals would volunteer to help us means that they believe in what we are doing: not just the quality of our music but in how we manage the band and in our strategies for growth.  If you also believe in what we are doing, we humbly remind you that this project would be impossible without people who support us, either with skills useful to our ends or by financially supporting us so that we can improve our tools and, in cases where necessary, hire the right professional for a specific task.  Support us by making a donation of the amount of your choice today.


If you could support our project with a small monthly donation, please click on this link to visit our Os Gringos Patreon page.

Thank you once again for keeping up with us and being part of this family and community that is Os Gringos!

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