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The fourth edition of personalized posts about the recording of our third album, Only The Hungry.

v. 01 ed. 04 – June, 2019

written by: Daniel Friend

Recovering on Rhythm

Scratch track. Drums. Keyboard. Bass. And then… my turn, or rather, our turn. Jimmy and I make up the guitar section for Os Gringos. After all the previous stages of recording, it was finally our time to make our own special mark on the studio sound for Just Might Be True, a slow, brooding, contemplative psychedelic blues jam.

Personally, I came out of the scratch track session three weeks prior a little bit frustrated. I wasn’t able to play exactly to the metronome and ended up creating a bit of extra work for Jimmy to clean up. Yeah, we know it’s just a draft of what the final product will sound like and it doesn’t need to be perfect, but I felt a certain duty to dedicate myself to having a better recording session for the final line.

In order to do this, I meditated quite a bit about the song, its 6/8 time signature, and listened multiple times to the scratch track in my spare time, especially in the week leading up to my recording. When I arrived at the studio, I felt ready to record. After just two successful takes from beginning to end, Jimmy said that we could stop since we had enough material. However, I still had two more ideas for pedal effects and a good inclination of where I would put them throughout the course of the song to give it a little bit more texture. That also worked well and after about 45 minutes in all, it was time for Jimmy to step to the plate.

Jimmy, as always, was prepared to record. He got through the song structure (chords, verse and chorus, along with some melodies he plays throughout the song) in just two takes as well.

On to recording the solo! 

To record a solo, with the right phrases, in rhythm, captured with subtleties that the song requires… this isn’t such an easy task. Jimmy had come that day, or rather always comes, to the studio with a lot of ideas ready and rehearsed. However, the execution of the solo with the right feeling… this is an art that requires time, patience and persistence. He took 12 takes to get to the final product. Testing, making mistakes, getting a part of it right, and finally, nailing it on take 12. It’s a beautiful process to see, and one that we have improved over time.

Patreon project on the roll!

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Thanks for reading!
Daniel Friend @ Little Big America Studios
Itajubá, MG
May 12, 2019